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All applications are reviewed by the HR department of the guild. They make lists for interviews. We publish these lists in the telegram channel of our guild. You need to follow the news, wait for your turn for an interview and pass it.

We evaluate applicants on various parameters. Those who have gaming experience have competitive advantage. Those who do not have experience also have a chance to get into teams in simpler games. In addition to playing skills, we evaluate the correctness of filling out forms, this indicates the attentiveness and seriousness of a person. We look at activity in the community, interest in the industry, possession of basic skills in using Telegram and the browser. If a person cannot figure out such simple matters, the likelihood that he will play successfully is very small.

Another important parameter to be evaluated is the culture of communication. We are a serious professional community, not a club of interests. First of all, each player is a member of the guild. Corporate culture is no less important than the ability to play.

The earnings of an individual player depend on many factors:

  • time spent in the game;
  • the number of games;
  • rating in the game;
  • fulfillment of norms for activities;
  • participation in the life of the guild (development of guides, coaching, content creation, analytics, software development, NFT creation, etc.).

Each game has its own economy, the coaching staff develops optimal strategies for development, calculates the percentage of profitability and additional bonuses, depending on the conditions above.

The most active members of the guild have the opportunity to become leaders in our community and in the whole industry. We will tell you more about this soon.

On the 15th and on the last day of the month, the coaching staff forms lists for payments. Earnings are transferred to the player's wallet on the 16th and 1st of the month.

We have players who just play, analyst/testers players, and content creator players. You can get into the second and third categories according to the results of the competitive selection. Follow the news in our telegram channel and take part in contests.

The queue in the list is also affected by the points based system. Read more about it in the answer to the corresponding question.

In order to increase the speed and efficiency of accepting players into the guild, we have developed a points based system that affects your moving forward in the waiting list.

We remind you that we do need people who are interested in games. Priority have those who are ready to take an active part in the life of the guild and are interested in the industry. Another point is the corporate culture. We are a serious gaming community, not a club of interests. A comfortable atmosphere for participants is an important value.

You will receive points for?

+1 point - for the strict implementation of the instructions at the stage of filling out the application.
+1 point - for gaming experience.
+2 points - awarded one-time to those who actively answer community questions in the Telegram chat.
+1 point - is awarded additionally every week for active assistance to Telegram chat participants.
+5 points - is awarded one-time to those who actively answer community questions in Discord chats.
+10 points - for participation in any competition.
+15 points - additionally, for the successful completion of the competition.
+25 points - additionally, for winning the competition (there may be several winners).
+500 points - got on the list for a preliminary interview.
+500 points - successfully passed the preliminary interview.

You will lose points for?

-2 points - did not study basic information
-5 points - for aggression, getting personal, caustic comments, etc. in community chats in relation to guild representatives or community members.
-10 points - for unfounded negative comments towards the guild.
-15 points - for direct messages to chat administrators with basic questions, the answer to which is publicly available.
-20 points - got on the list for a preliminary interview and did not pass it.
-50 points - for repeatedly submitted applications on the site (applications duplicated due to a technical failure do not apply).
-50 points - applied for an interview, although he was not on the list.
-50 points - for veiled obscene expressions in chats.
-100 points - for swearing and rude expressions in an invented nickname in the questionnaire.
-200 points - for trying to persuade administrators to skip out of turn.
-500 points - got to the final interview and missed it without warning.
-1500 points - for repeated violation of the community rules.


Our guild is serious according to the selection of players. We have three stages that must be completed successfully in order to start playing. We can't just give away game accounts to everyone, since every account in NFT games is a financial asset.
Each player is a person who takes part in increasing the assets of the guild, for which he receives a scholarship. There are basic parameters that help us assess whether the applicant can be trusted to manage the finances that we invest in games.

IMPORTANT! Our guild NEVER TAKES MONEY from its players. If they write to you with an offer to advance in line for money, these are scammers.

Stage 1 - applying for a vacancy of a scholar of the gaming guild. 
Players should be able to easily complete simple registration tasks and strictly follow instructions. Successful registration shows how a person can use a browser and simple programs, follow instructions, search for information and analyze it.

Stage 2 - preliminary interview. 
This is a full-fledged interview that needs to be taken as seriously as possible. Your chances of joining the guild will depend on the answers to the questions.

Stage 3 - interview with the coach and agreement. 
Coaches assign players to their teams and games. The coach conducts an interview in audio format in order to draw up an individual plan for the player, depending on his skills and time resources.

Before obtaining an account, you will need to accept the official user agreement, without which we cannot transfer the guild assets (game accounts) for use.

No! Our guild never takes money from its scholars. Guild members do not invest their own money, they do not need to buy anything in the games to play. Everything for the game is issued by the guild.

If someone writes or calls you on behalf of the guild and offers some conditions for cooperation, demanding payment, these are scammers. Be careful.

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In this section you will find answers to all common questions, if there is no answer, then write it in the comments. We update this section periodically.